Twenty percent of the apprenticeship training takes place at a part-time vocational school. These schools deliver occupation-oriented specialist instruction (65%) as well as general education (35%). The organisation forms vary according to the needs of the relevant economic sector (e.g. year round, by block, seasonally).

The second learning site with the dual VET system is the part-time vocational school (Berufsschule). Such schools are established for each individual apprenticeship trade. All apprentices are obliged to attend a vocational school in the province in which their training company is located.

There are different organizational models for part-time vocational schools:

  • year round, i.e. at least on one full school-day or two half school-days a week;
  • by block, i.e. for at least eight weeks continuously;
  • seasonally, i.e. in block form at a particular time of year.

The various organisation forms take into account the needs of different sectors. 

The focus of education at part-time vocational school is on occupation-oriented specialist instruction (with about 65%); general subjects make up some 35% of the schooling period. Specialist instruction includes subject-related theoretical training supplementing enterprise-based training but also subject-related practical training in workshops and/or laboratories. A subject-related language training is an obligatory part of the school curriculum.

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