As laid down in the Swiss Constitution, the Confederation and the cantons, within the scope of their powers, do jointly ensure the high quality and accessibility of the Swiss Education Area. In Switzerland private companies and public vocational schools are working together since 1924. In 1933 the first Federal Vocational Education and Training Act came into force embedding a combined school/work-based model for the upper-secondary level vocational education and training programmes. The Swiss training system directly addresses the needs of the labour-market which contributes to low youth unemployment rates.

Economic Context

This section explains the political system of Switzerland. You will find information on the different institutions and their responsibilities. Furthermore, the social environment is described, which entails an account of the cultural background of the countries.

Apprenticeship System

This section introduces the status and meaning of apprenticeship in Switzerland and offers a brief account of the history of apprenticeship. Also, the responsibilities of various institutions and stakeholders are clarified. Therefore, relevant concepts are outlined and statistics and numbers regarding different aspects of apprenticeship are displayed.

Education System and VET System

In this section, you will find an overview of the organisations of the education system and the VET system in Switzerland. The various pathways that learners can take are outlined. This entails a characterisation of the compulsory and optional school forms and the corresponding certificates, as well as a description of the university system. Furthermore, the VET system is portrayed with special attention on accessibility of VET and options for further qualifications.

Recent Developments

This section summarises relevant developments of the past five years. Apart from changes in VET statistics and according legislation, this covers political and demographic changes, as well as prevailing issues such as increasing refugee migration.

Country Report

The Country Report contains a synthesis of the main characteristics and framework conditions of the Swiss dual apprenticeship system.