Apprenticeship training in Austria is based on demand. Companies are training apprentices for the unforeseen skill needs in the future as well as securing the supply of skilled workers.

Apprenticeship training is largely demand-driven. Young people apply directly to a company that offers an apprenticeship post. Such posts are offered in occupations that companies have a demand for.

However, supply does not always match demand. On the one hand, not all young people find an apprenticeship post in an occupation they are interested in. On the other hand, there are companies that do not succeed in filling their vacant apprenticeship posts due to a lack of applicants. There are various reasons for this mismatch. Young people tend to choose among a relatively narrow range of occupations and apprentices are often unwilling to travel too far to their training company. While there are vacant apprenticeship posts e.g. in the tourism sector in the west of Austria, young people in the east search for employment in this field. There are various measures to counteract this mismatch, e.g. guidance and counselling as well as financial support for mobile apprentices.

If, and how, the new compulsory education or training until the age of 18, which was introduced in 2017, will influence both supply and demand cannot be said yet.