The national qualification standards are developed by the trade committees, are described in learning outcomes and fall within the legal framework approved by the Minister of Education. A specific template for describing the qualifications and program proposals is provided by the Ministry of Education.

The trade committee within a sector or trade is responsible for initiating proposals for new qualifications and programs based on the skills assessments and forecasting activities and processes in place. There is a requirement that descriptions of qualification standards comply with the legislative objectives and the general rules on the requirements for knowledge, skills and competences etc. to be met in order to ensure that all VET programs meet labour market needs and lead to a job, while simultaneously sufficiently matching the dynamics of the economy.

The learning outcomes (competence goals) that are developed are covering by both school- and work-based learning for the basic and the main program making up the qualifications. Furthermore, the proposal must also describe the duration and structure of the main VET program, including how much learning will take place in school and at the workplace respectively. On this basis, the Ministry of Education and the trade committee will enter into a close dialog in order to finalize the proposal, which will be submitted to the National Council for IVET for consultation and then finally approved by the Minister of Education.

The national curriculum on every qualification or VET program will be included in the legal framework for VET through an executive ordinance. To offer a new qualification, VET providers will have to apply for accreditation, and the trade committees will be consulted on the number of providers needed to offer a new program.

In cooperation with the local training committees, VET providers develop a local curriculum for each VET program they provide. The objective is that it should reflect local conditions. The local curriculum is the basis for teaching and learning processes at the VET College and in the company. This provides the learning outcomes to be achieved, which are included in the students’ individual educational plans made available on the national digital platform as a ‘Student plan’ (Elevplan). Teachers, students and companies have access to this platform.

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