Since social partners in Switzerland form part of the professional organisations in the public-private partnership (PPP) of vocational and professional education and training (VPET), they are systematically integrated into all VPET policy making processes. The social partners are participating in the discussion and decision-making processes concerning legislative issues and the development of vocational standards. Social partners are invited to all VPET conferences and included in all relevant commissions and working groups.

Federal Commission

The Federal Commission for Vocational and Professional Education and Training FCVPET (Eidgenössische Berufsbildungskommission EBBK) advises SERI in matters regarding development and coordination of VPET on a strategic level. This ensures that the approaches in the area of VPET are aligned with general policy in education and supported by government. The 15 members of the FCVPET (designated by the Federal Council) represent the Confederation, the cantons, professional organisations, trade unions and industry associations.

National High-Level Conference

The annual “National High-Level Conference on Vocational and Professional Education and Training”  (Nationales Spitzentreffen der Berufsbildung) has been held since 2005. The goal of this conference is to discuss the recent developments in VPET at a high level and to make strategic decisions on how to strengthen and develop the VPET system. The event serves to capture different perspectives in order to be able to respond to challenges and changes in the labour market that influence VPET. After each National High-Level Conference on VPET, a joint declaration is adopted.

Associated Partner Conference

The annual “Associated Partner Conference” (Verbundpartnertagung) is a two-day workshop-type event. This well-established event for VPET stakeholders serves to share know-how and experiences in relation to the latest challenges, themes and activities in VPET. The VPET partners include the Confederation, the cantons, professional organisations, trade unions, industry associations as well as stakeholders in education, labour market and integration (depending on the theme of the Conference).

Autumn Conference

The "Autumn Conference on Vocational and Professional Education and Training" (Herbsttagung der Berufsbildung) is the national platform event for the dissemination of information concerning the VPET system. It includes presentations of projects and enables networking amongst VPET stakeholders.

Experience Exchange Conferences

The experience exchange conferences (ERFA-Tagungen) serve to bring together the stakeholders of the PPP to talk about the implementation of VET. In workshop settings the national exchange on good practice is driven by the participants on operational level. The exchange for example could cover the development, organization and application of examinations in Professional Education on tertiary level. The conferences also encourage networking activities amongst the operative stakeholders.