Companies are usually involved and represented through their trade unions or industry associations in VPET matters and they are considered professional organisations in the public-private partnership. The trade unions and industry associations take part in discussions and decision-making processes concerning legislative issues and the development of vocational standards. The trade unions and industry associations are invited to all VPET conferences and included in all relevant commissions and working groups.

The companies are deeply involved in the apprenticeships as about 80% of the apprenticeship takes place at the host company. The company employs the in-company trainers as well as the apprentices themselves.

The trade and industry associations represent the companies in their branch. The sector and branch organisations organize and finance their networking activities themselves, they maintain working groups, decide on common sectorial goals and often have their own sector specific promotion activities as well as representatives on national level.

The branch organisations are highly involved in the development of a new apprenticeship scheme as well as the reform of existing ones. They are chairing the reform commissions (Reformkommissionen) and the commissions for education development and quality (Kommissionen für Berufsentwicklung und Qualität) for each of their qualifications in their branch. They are also part of the relevant national commissions and working groups, and they are invited to all VPET conferences. They are represented in the Federal Commission for Vocational and Professional Education and Training through their umbrella organisations.