The companies are responsible for the in-company training of apprentices. The companies are not directly involved in the process of elaborating the VET legislative framework and vocational standards, although they are closely involved in elaborating the training curricula for each trade or profession as members of the curricular working groups.

The training companies (organismes de formation) are responsible for the in company training (internships and apprenticeships). Apprenticeship training can be offered either by companies, administrations, public institutions, foundations, associations or freelancers. Companies are obliged to hold a training authorisation (droit de former) in order to train apprentices which is assigned by the competent chamber of employers in accordance with the Chamber of Employees. This authorisation is subject to certain conditions regarding the professional qualifications of the company leader (patron formateur) and sets his minimum age to 21 years. It is also subject to a maximum quota of apprentices a company is authorised to train which is fixed by a decree.

If the company leader is not personally in charge of the training of the apprentice, he or she is obliged to designate a training tutor. Training tutors do have to follow a train the trainer course of a minimum duration of three days which aims to develop the trainer’s pedagogical and social competences and role as a trainer.

Training companies are obliged to conform to the terms fixed by an apprenticeship contract and to assure training as prescribed by the curricula and assessment frameworks fixed at national level by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth for all VET programmes.