Learners who have successfully accomplished a VET programme have a legal right to access the next highest level of VET. Holders of a DAP and DT certification can get access to higher education by successfully completing optional preparatory modules in languages and mathematics. Master craftsperson studies are organised and accessible to holders of a DAP or DT qualification. Higher technician certificates are VET programmes at tertiary level accessible to holders of DT diploma that have followed the preparatory modules.


Holders of a DT (diplôme de technicien, technician’s diploma) or DAP (diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle, vocational aptitude diploma) qualification can continue towards higher education by successfully accomplishing optional modules in languages and mathematics. In Technicians programmes, the optional modules can be followed either during or after completion of the training, while in programmes leading to a DAP, it is possible to follow these modules only after completion of the initial training.

Furthermore learners having acquired a CCP (certificat de capacité professionnelle, vocational capacity certificate) are granted a direct access to the second year of a DAP programme in the same speciality field. They can also be granted a conditional access to the third and final year of a DAP programme by decision of the class council.

Learners having accomplished a DAP programme can get an access to the third year of a Technicians programme in the same speciality field. After the first semester, the class council decides if the learner can pursue the DT programme based on his results.

Learners certified with a DT qualification are granted access to the third year of a technical school based programme. The access is also conditional and the class council decides after the first semester if the learner can pursue the programme based on his first results.

Master craftsperson studies (ISCED 453 – EQF 5)

Some trades offer the possibility to obtain a Master craftsperson certificate (brevet de maîtrise; ISCED 453 – EQF 5) after completion of the initial education. It entitles the holder to settle in the craft industry as self-employed and to train apprentices. Obtaining a Master craftsperson certificate confers the title of Master craftsperson in the particular trade.

Preparatory courses to the master craftsperson are organised by the Chamber of Trades and Skilled Crafts. To access the Master craftsmanship programmes, learners are required to have reached at least a DAP or DT qualification. Learners are also required to have at least one year of working experience in the field in order to participate in the final practical examination of the Master craftsperson programmes. The programmes are modular and the number of hours to follow may differ from one trade to the other. However, the maximum duration to accomplish all modules is 6 years.

Higher Technician Certificate (ISCED 554 – EQF 5)

Furthermore, in VET at tertiary level, a Higher technician certificate (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, BTS; ISCED 550 – EQF 5) is awarded to students who completed two years of studies. BTS programmes are offered in the study fields of applied arts, commerce, health, industry, services and craft.

In order to attend the programme, learners are required to possess a Secondary school leaving diploma (diplôme de fin d'études secondaires) or a Technical secondary school leaving diploma (diplôme de fin d’études secondaires techniques) or a Technician’s diploma (diplôme de technicien, DT) and the certification of additional optional modules in languages and mathematics preparing and giving access to higher education.

BTS programmes provide both theoretical instruction and work based learning at alternating periods. They are offered in public and private technical secondary schools accredited by the State.

Lifelong learning

All adults have a legal right to get access to lifelong training opportunities regardless of their age, education and employment status. Adult education and CVET allows all interested persons at different stages of their lives to receive training, be it to obtain a first qualification, to develop or to enhance their knowledge and comptences, to change careers or to adapt to new technologies. Due to the limited size of the country, not all VET certificates and diplomas can be obtained through adult education and CVET.

The portal “lifelong-learning.lu”, managed by the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (Institut National pour le développement de la formation professionnelle continue, INFPC), is the Luxembourgish reference website for training throughout life. It is a platform of contact between individuals and training bodies which presents an extensive catalogue of more than 6.000 courses offered by 138 registered training providers. The portal also centralises information on training: news, law, practices, training environment, studies and analyses.