The Danish educational system has different initiatives to address diversity, which target students with special needs, both refugee and migrant students as well as gifted students. The clear objective that all students must reach their fullest potential and therefore teaching in VET is necessarily differentiated and holistic.

The EGU (erhvervsgrunduddannelse) vocational basic program is an option for people under the age of thirty to achieve personal, social and professional qualifications that both admit them to one of the other education and training programs leading to a professional qualification and provide a basis for employment.

The FGU (Forberedende Grunduddannelse) Preparatory Basic Education and Training is an up to two years program that will enable youths below 25 to improve professionally, personally and socially with the aim to proceed into the labour market or upper secondary and vocational education and training. The preparatory basic education and training consists of three entries:

General basic education: education in basic subjects like Danish language, mathematics, English, nature and science etc. addresses to young people who want to qualify for further vocational education.

Basic production education: Workshop based education with high level of practical learning. Addresses to young people who want to proceed to vocational education and training or labour market on a more qualified base.

Basic vocational education: Internship based education.

Combined post-compulsory education is an option for youngsters aged 15-24 who do not possess the necessary vocational, social or personal skills to complete a VET program or an alternative upper secondary education.

To stimulate VET excellence, there are different options. One of the options is that students may choose different subjects at a higher level than the minimum compulsory level specified, and as a means to improve.  This supports permeability to higher education.

Another option is the so-called talent tracks at the VET colleges. All VET colleges are obliged to have talent tracks to ensure diversity and nurture students with special skills and motivations. The advanced manufacturing programs, which run at four colleges in Denmark, are one such example.

The EUX program. Combined vocational and general upper secondary education. A relatively new pathway used by highly motivated students. It gives them a double qualification providing access to the labour market as skilled workers, as well as allowing them to continue in tertiary education.