The Austrian governance structure for apprenticeships is comprised of institutions at the federal, provincial, and local level. The enterprise-based and school-based sections are managed separately. Each group is governed by a different ministry (economy and education). The lion´s share of apprenticeship training lies within enterprises; the Apprenticeship Offices – one per province (Bundesland) play a particularly important role. They have several responsibilities concerning apprenticeship training and are situated in the regional economic chambers.

At the federal level the Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs  (BMDW) is responsible for the enterprise-based part of the training. BMBWF is in charge of the Vocational Training Act (BAG), which is the regulatory framework. The Ministry is counselled by the Federal Advisory Board on Apprenticeship (Bundes-Berufsausbildungsbeirat, BBAB). This board (with 12 members) is set up after recommendations from social partners. Two part-time school teachers function as advisory members. The Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) is responsible for the school-based component of apprenticeship training. It issues framework curricula for part-time vocational schools.

At the provincial level there are nine Apprenticeship Offices (one Lehrlingsstelle in each province - Bundesland). They are situated in the regional economic chamber, but act on behalf of the ministry of economy. Together with the regional chamber of labour they assess and approve training companies. Moreover, they also provide counselling to apprentices and training companies. They also organise the apprenticeship leave exams. The Regional Advisory Boards on Apprenticeship (LBAB) provide counselling at the provincial level. They are appointed by the Provincial Governor.

At the local level there are training enterprises and part-time VET schools, which are in close contact to each other.

Figure: Governance structure of apprenticeship training in Austria (Mayr 2013, p. 6; available at:

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