The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (MENJE) is responsible for VET in collaboration with the social partners represented by the professional chambers. Cooperation between the State and the social partners is a core principle of the VET system. As stated in the law, the social partners are essential stakeholders who contribute to the organisation and implementation of VET. A VET Committee is responsible for providing advice to the Government about all matters concerning VET.

VET in Luxembourg is regulated by the law of the 19th of December 2008 concerning the reform of the VET system and defining the goals and structure of IVET and CVET as well as the responsibility for its organisation and implementation. According to this law, the organisation of the VET system relies on a partnership between the public institutions and the Chambers representing employers and employees (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Trades and Skilled Crafts, Chamber of Agriculture, Chamber of Employees, Chamber of civil Servants and Clerks) who are carrying the system. All decisions concerning IVET and CVET are being taken in the frame of this partnership and require a general consensus between the partners. In case of opposite positions between the Chamber of employers and employees, the Minister of Education, Children and Youth is authorised by law to take a decision.

In the context of the VET reform of 2008, the VET Committee (Comité à la formation professionnelle) has been created as a consulting institution of the Government for all matters concerning the planning and implementation of the VET system. It is composed of representatives of all concerned ministries and administrations as well from the professional chambers, the trade and occupational unions, the guidance services and the parental and pupil associations.