In Austria there are mainly two non-university research institutes (ibw and öibf) affiliated to the social partners, which carry out a significant amount of VET research. On a bi-annual basis these two organisations jointly prepare the report on the “Situation of Youth-Employment and Apprenticeship in Austria.”

Two research institutes - ibw – Research and Development in VET (affiliated to the Federal Economic Chamber) and öibf – Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training (affiliated to the Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Federation) – are the main players who conduct research on apprenticeships. They carry out need analyses for new apprenticeship trades, support the development of training and examination regulations, and compile most of the apprenticeship leave examinations. Moreover, they issue information and counselling materials for apprenticeship training.

Every two years, ibw and öibf compile a report regarding the “Situation of Youth-Employment and Apprenticeships in Austria.” (BMWFW 2016) This report is submitted to the National Council, where it provides the basis for discussions and reforms. An annual report published by ibw gives a statistical overview of structural data, trends, and perspectives of apprenticeships in Austria.

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