In general there is no direct financial support to training companies. The government runs support programmes offering grants to companies that fulfil certain requirements or to companies that offer training to vulnerable target groups.

Grants for the training of vulnerable target groups

Under certain circumstances companies can receive a grant from the employment agency to finance a part of the training allowance of disabled apprentices or for creating additional training places for disadvantaged young people. There are also programmes of the Federal States which offer grants to companies that train disadvantaged young people, single parents, apprentices that lost their training place due to company closure, or to females in typical male occupations.

Other programmes

In training occupations with very few apprentices (“splinter occupations”) schooling can be centralized. In those cases companies can apply for grants to support the subsistence costs of the apprentices during schooling. There are also grants available for companies that have to send their apprentices to inter-company training centres or that are training in an alliance with other companies.

Sources of funding

The different grant programmes are funded by the Federal Government, the Federal States, the European Social Fund (ESF) or occupational/sector associations.