Companies that engage an apprentice do have to pay a monthly allowance fixed by decree. However, a system for the promotion of apprenticeship allows companies to ask for a partial refund of their apprenticeship costs.

Companies pay a monthly allowance to the apprentice which is fixed by a decree. In IVET, the apprenticeship allowance is fixed according to the trade or profession and varies between EUR 400 and 1200. In apprenticeship for adults, the allowance equals the minimum wage for unskilled workers which amounts to EUR 1922.96 (reference period 1.01.2016).

However, companies are entitled to receive a financial aid in the frame of a programme aimed at the promotion of apprenticeship which covers 27 % of the apprenticeship allowance paid to the company for an apprentice who is aiming a DAP (vocational aptitude diploma) and 40 % of the apprenticeship allowance for an apprentice aiming a CCP (vocational capacity certificate) certification. Moreover, companies are reimbursed the employer’s share of the social security contributions for the apprenticeship allowance paid.