Marketing and awareness-raising campaigns for apprenticeship are run throughout the year. Many stakeholders on all levels are involved in numerous activities to enhance the attractiveness of dual VET – for young people and companies.

Examples for measures

Single private and public organisations carry out recruiting campaigns using daily press and advertising campaigns in businesses. Chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of crafts as well as major organisations for craftsman such as German Confederation of Skilled Crafts carry out awareness-raising campaigns using social media, and they design support for its members through traditional media platforms to attract young persons to apprentice­ships. The Federal Government also conceived a major VET campaign “Vocational training – practically unbeatable” on different media. Large events such as the World skills competition in 2013 in Germany are widely advertised in mass media. General and professional schools are cooperating with companies to introduce training occupations to pupils and by offering guidance and orientation.

Initiative “Graduation and continuation – Educational chains up to the vocational training qualification”

One major aspect of VET attractiveness is to ensure that learning pathways lead to a full qualification. The Federal initiative “educational chain” (2010-2014; budget 460 million euros) focuses on preventive and all-encompassing activities to ensure educational success to young persons and progressive integration of these activities in a coherent infrastructure by Federal and Länder stakeholders. This initiative encompasses different programmes to support the image of apprenticeship in the society and to improve guidance. The programmes are for instance

  • the vocational guidance programme (Berufsorientierungsprogramm in überbetrieblichen und vergleichbaren Berufsbildungsstätten – BOP);
  • the vocational guidance programme targeted for persons with migration background (Berufsorientierungsprogramm für Flüchtlinge – BOF)
  • the specific programme educational chains (Berufseinstiegsbegleitung Bildungsketten);
  • the structural VET programme focusing on apprenticeship in SME (JOBSTARTER) as well as
  • projects based upon voluntary actions for prevention of drop-outs (Verhinderung von Ausbildungsabbrüchen – VerA and coach@school).

Due to the Federal structure of the VET system, the Federal Government meets agreements with its partners in the Länder to implement the initiative. This initiative is continued within the framework of the “Alliance for Initial and Further Training” (2019-2021).

Germany Educational Chains Programme


Mutualising resources of all VET stakeholders

Under the 2014 launched “Alliance for Initial and Further Training” (2015-2018) all major stakeholders of the German VET system – the business community, the unions, the Federal Government and the Federal States – join forces to support the development and attractiveness of apprenticeship. A major objective is “to clearly enhance the significance and attractiveness of vocational training in Germany”.


VET-Campaign “Vocational training – practically unbeatable”: (german)