There are no specific excellence programmes for apprenticeship training in Austria, but there are award ceremonies that draw attention to apprenticeship training and training companies. The ministry of economy offers prizes for “State-Honoured Training Companies” and “Best Training Companies – Fit for the Future” to companies in different size categories to promote excellence in apprenticeship.

Award ceremonies address the outstanding achievements of training companies and thus highlight the attractiveness of apprenticeship training. The Ministry of Economy awards the prize “State-Honoured Training Company” for special achievements in apprenticeship training. The criteria are: success in apprenticeship leave exams, success in provincial or national competitions, and special involvement in career guidance. A list of all training companies with state awards can be found at

Every two years, the state prize “Best Training Companies – Fit for the Future” is conferred by the Ministry of Economy in the categories small, medium, and large enterprises. The objective of this prize is to improve quality, innovation and sustainability in apprenticeship training. Specifically, this state prize aims to:

  • Set a clear signal for quality in apprenticeship,
  • Acknowledge the excellent work of the Austrian economy in the field of youth training,
  • Get new companies involved in apprenticeship training,
  • Raise awareness among parents and youth of the good training offered in Austrian companies and the wide spectrum of apprenticeship occupations (information – only in German – at:

Moreover, apprentices regularly perform well at the WorldSkills and EuroSkills competitions and have to qualify for these events through national competitions.

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