The 2015 VET reform introduced a strong focus on attractiveness and clear objectives to encourage more students to choose and complete VET. Consequently, the reform seeks to challenge all students to reach their fullest potential and emphasizes the excellence of VET. The reform was followed by a political agreement in 2018 (“Fra folkeskole til faglært – Erhvervsuddannelser til fremtiden”) focusing on a variety of issues all focusing on increased attractiveness, quality and access to further education.

VET excellence/image and marketing of apprenticeship

The key elements for promoting attractiveness and excellence in VET are the following:

  1. An attractive youth education environment, including one-year basic programs for students coming from compulsory school.
  2. Clear and higher admission requirements for students.
  3. A more transparent and simplified structure, including four new broad basic programs, instead of twelve leading to main programs (dual).
  4. Program-specific transition requirements to access main programs.
  5. More and better teaching, including more lessons to improve student proficiency in basic skills.
  6. New opportunities to acquire general and vocational subjects at higher levels in all programs. All VET programs on NQF level 3+4 to provide access to higher education on NQF level 5.
  7. Programs offering a double qualification (VET and upper secondary general) are being extended to far more sectors.
  8. Talent tracks, including high-level specialized subjects in all relevant programs, to be extended by 2016.
  9. Better interplay between school-based and work-based learning, promoting student performance on applied knowledge, skills and competences.
  10. Pathways from VET to professional and university Bachelor’s programs (NQF 5 and 6) to be promoted.

In 2014, a reform of the compulsory school system was implemented. Two aspects of the reform affect VET.  The “Improved final years of compulsory schooling and transition to post compulsory education” and “the open school” both have a clear angle on how to introduce VET skills in the compulsory school and introduce pupils to the world of work through, e.g., visits to companies, municipalities and associations. Another close connection between compulsory school and VET is the “New Vocational Oriented Form of Level 10” (eud10). The 10th optional year of the “compulsory” school is created to prepare pupils for VET and to ensure that they meet the requirements.