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Welcome to the Apprenticeship toolbox!

The apprenticeship toolbox is developed by the national VET authorities from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland in order to promote the development of apprenticeship and dual based vocational education and training supporting the European alliance of Apprenticeship and is co-funded by the Erasmus+programme in the European Union.

The aim of the this toolbox is to offer a resource base conducive to policy learning, policy experimentation and practice development by collecting and combining the apprenticeship system key building blocks from the five countries running successful apprenticeship systems. 

The toolbox provides a structured and searchable overview of key features of the apprenticeship systems and how they are implemented in the five countries and users may access key documents and materials  and find links for further reading and insights for each of the apprenticeship systems, which national stakeholders use in developing, adapting, running and supporting a dynamic apprenticeship system.

Here is the Flyer for the Apprenticeship toolbox.


Developments & Changes

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