Recent Developments

Reforms and national projects

Specific projects on national level in initial VET including improvements for qualification processes, competence-based examination processes, matching and legal measures:

  • Simplification of validation processes and competence-based examinations
  • ‘Match-Prof’ – Improvement of matching supply and demand of VET apprenticeship positions on the labour market
  • New age limit and related measures for hazardous work in VET
  • Appeal of Federal Vocational Baccalaureate
  • VET qualifications for adults

A strategic project at national level with a package of measures in order to enhance the financing, positioning, esteem, comparability and transparency of professional education (PE) nationally. The measures include the following aspects:

  • Increase in funding for PE examinations, degree programmes and preparatory courses
  • Improvement of tax deductions for job-related continuing education and training on individual level
  • National Qualifications Framework for VPET, certificate supplements (for VET qualifications) and diploma supplements (for PE qualifications)
  • Refined English title translation standards for PE qualifications
  • Improved permeability between the different types of tertiary education
  • Promotional measures to increase visibility and esteem of PE

International cooperation

Switzerland's overarching strategic objectives for international cooperation in vocational and professional education and training (IC-VPET) emerge from corresponding objectives in various policy areas: education policy, development policy, foreign policy, migration policy and economic policy, which are also affected by various trends. Based on the objectives and principles of these policy areas, the Confederation has identified three overarching strategic objectives for international cooperation in vocational and professional education and training:

  1. Strengthening the Swiss VPET system within an international context
  2. Encouraging economic and social growth in partner countries
  3. Successful positioning of Switzerland at the international level.


Some economic and demographic changes have been observed in Switzerland and these factors have had already an impact on the VET system. The Swiss confederation in collaboration with its partners is able to adjust the system to cope with these changes. Projects and measures are encouraging permeability and a labour-market oriented strategy to provide individuals the necessary skills they actually need in the world of work. Furthermore, some projects and initiatives are emerging in the field of VET covering a broader spectrum of policy objectives (education, development, cooperation, international relations, migration and economic).